The Importance of SearchLock to Users

Search LockPeople might think that SearchLock is no longer necessary when doing searches online. However, did you know that the web searches are not private? You need to bear in mind that the Google, Yahoo, Bing and other web search engines have the ability to store whatever search term you type. It will remain and stay in the search engine history for about months is such way that other can track you and those in your family.

Most search providers said that the search history you had could possibly be associated with a particular email address or account you are maintaining with them. This is something that you need to remember every time you are about to type something in the search engine. Moreover, it is not just the search engines are the ones who has the ability to track your searches but also workplaces, government

Is there a need for you to protect your searches? It is definitely needed. Here are some of the reasons why you need to install the SearchLock:

  • One is your searches are not anonymous
  • The companies can sell your profile and data
  • The governments can have the access of your history
  • Your workplace can have the access on monitoring your searches

The SearchLock is using the patent-pending technology that detects whenever you search query is about to be tracked by other people or organizations. It will then, re-route it so that your search history will not be successfully tracked.

You can get the access and experience the incredible service and advantage that the SearchLock gives and provides for free! You can either install the program or tool anytime you want to. The process of installing is fast and easy. You are not required to undergo hard procedures that could be too long and boring as well. But you will just have to visit the site of the SearchLock and then you are going to download the application. And after downloading the application the next thing you are to do is to install it. And once you have successfully installed the SearchLock you will now be at ease knowing that your search history will be safe and secured at all times. Since your search history is considered to be confidential and private on your part you must consider as well to install SearchLock. The process of installing could be so very easy and fast and so will not require of anything hard on your part.

Search LockHow SearchLock keeps you safe? The SearchLock can automatically detect whenever you are about to perform a non-private search or potentially unsafe search. It can also automatically redirect your queries to the SearchLock’s privacy-safe result page. Through the SearchLock, you can keep your searches private and secures. Many people believe that your search history is a highly sensitive data that can reveal the things about you without you realizing it. You do not want someone to know more things about you especially that you are not sure about what people can do to the information they get about you. However, because of the SearchLock you can prevent the tracking of your search terms in both organizations and big search engine companies, which might be interested on what you do online.

Considering the use of SearchLock would be your best option with regards to being confident as you browse the Internet. It is believed that SearchLock is of great importance particularly these days wherein great risks about personal accounts could be observed with the use of Internet. Knowing the importance of SearchLock would be your reason of not doubting the ability of the said tool.